Member Benefits

Towel Service

All members of REGEN London get access to complimentary fresh towels of the highest quality, to use during their session. Simply grab one on your way in, and put it in the laundry bins once done.

Unlimited Group Fitness Classes

40+ Classes a week, run by some of the best Group Fitness Instructors across London. From Muay Thai and Boxing to Yoga and Spin – all yours to be booked by a few clicks

Juice and Protein Bar

Need a boost before your workout? Or a recovery drink to stop the crash?

Then you can find what your looking for at REGEN. Why should you have to go to a cafe after your Gym session? Here, you have everything you need under one roof.

Rolling Month to Month

Listen, we know this isn’t a marriage and we are firm believers that a gym membership shouldn’t be treated like one. Which is why if you ever do need to leave, all we ask is 30 days’ notice for cancelation – just so we have a heads up to prep our goodbyes.

State of the art training facilities

Not only do we have the largest dumbbell rack in Streatham 1-70kgs, we also have a completlely separate cardio room, fitness studio and comba/functional area. So no matter what training in you’re in the mood for – you’ve got the space here.

Personal Trainers

​Everyone at one point or another needs help in the gym. Wether its that cheeky spot on your set (we’ve all been there), or if it’s guidance on how to best achieve your goals. That’s why at REGEN, you’ll always be able to find a Personal Trainer to help you get to where you want to go.

This is no ordinary gym.

Come try us out today and take advantage of our fantastic opening offers.

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Unrivalled training facilities

REGEN is a gym in south London combining luxury & a hard core training ground. Our members can build the body they want with high quality equipment as well as benefits no other ordinary gym has. Don’t waste your time anywhere else. Enquire Now

This is no ordinary gym.

Come try us out today and take advantage of our fantastic opening offers.

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